Friends, Family, Farming, and Education

A Warm Welcome!

It is our pleasure to welcome your child into our home to grow, play, learn and explore with us! We strive to immerse the children into healthy and natural play using nature, organic playscapes, hiking, music, art, cooking and much more!

It is our belief, by using natural environments we are able  to stimulate growth and development in unique, natural and fresh ways.  It is our goal to provide experiences that awaken a child’s imagination and help blossom their inner person as well as their physical being. 



            We now offer!

  • Infant Toddler Care
  • Preschool Programs
  • Free Befor and After Care
  • Organic/Natural snacks
  • Meal Assistance
  • Tuition Scholarship Assistance
  • Early Drop-off 7:00 am.
  • Transportation   

 We encourage the children to help prepare, cook and serve healthy homemade snacks, like this fresh organic multi-grain bread crafted by the childrends own hands.